Asylum Information Campaign

Leaving the homeland is a historical issue which depend to ancient time and the people leaves their main homeland by some specific reason such as, fight, poverty, no crops of agriculture lands etc. Today emigration mainly happen in backward countries by reason of jobless, discrimination, no freedom, and politic issues. Sometime this emigration create unclear destiny for the refugees, in some cases they even lose their life. Afghanistan is among those countries which emigration happen widely. In the past couple of year many Afghans left their country and ask for citizenship mainly in European countries.  Many Afghans who leave their country have no information about problems, countries laws, human smuggling, and problems of reaching ways on the targeted countries.

Asylum Information Campaign and Promotion of Employment Services is a major component of OBTA-01 project. This campaign designed to give awareness for the people on illegal emigration problems. This project funded by Help International NGO for 8 months.

The goals of Asylum Information Campaign are to give awareness to people about immigration problems, countries law, and dangers of losing their lives etc. If they arrive to their target countries, they will face with serious problems. In this program we give them awareness and encourage to stay in Afghanistan and make it stronger. This program is designed in crowded population where many young male and females are there because the majority of immigrants are young generation and fortunately, this campaign have held for university students, school students from 10-12 grades and public in center of Bamyan.

This campaign lasts 3-half day which started in September 2016 and will continue till April 2017. 395 beneficiaries’ particularly young able Afghan- potential including males and females with different ages and backgrounds benefit from the campaign. 81 out of 395 bens will introduced to free training courses and internship programs or upgrade working-groups in the fields that have skills.

In this program, we focus more on presentation about Asylum Information Campaign, some guest speakers who were in Europe of other countries are invited to share their experiences, and also from governmental office like DoLSA, Returnees and refuges Department, education department, UNHCR, IOM, etc to give information about the situation of emigrants and to show some opportunities in Afghanistan, broadcasting of film documentation about problems of arriving to target countries, performance of theater by Bamyan Art and Cultural House Association about illegal emigration, introduction to ESC and opportunities for job seekers, presentation of job opportunities in Afghanistan, presentation on TVET program of Help International organization, having interview with few of participants before and after program to show the effectiveness of the program.

Achievements and Result:

Since 1 September 2016, seven rounds of Asylum Information Campaign have been implemented and around 315 beneficiaries benefited from this program. Out of 315 participants, 111 were females and 204 were males. Fortunately, we could create 17 working group that each working group consist of 4-5 members. Total 80 participants received their mini tool-kits and started their small business. In this 17 working group 9 of them are female and 8 of them are male.

Bamyan’s Culture and Art House Association is the partner of Organization for Better Tomorrow in Afghanistan in this campaign. BCAH performances theater in each round, taking photos and have made a documentary from all activities in Asylum Information Campaign. OBTA really grateful to implement this campaign and provided job facilitation for women and men young able for 4 months. This campaign will continue for more 4 months and we hope to give awareness more people and provide more job facilitation. Watch AIC Video