Employment Service Center

Employment Services Center

Employment Services Center (ESC) was established in March 2016 by Help International NGO in Cooperation with Bamyan Department of Labor and Social Affairs (DoLSA). A major component of Bamyan Technical Vocational Educational Training (TVET) project was handed over to OBTA in September 2016 as OBTA-01 Project “ Promotion of Employment Services (Job Facilitation) and Asylum Information Campaign” which was officially registered with Bamyan Department of Economy.

Having job is a big concern for all Afghan citizens particularly for youth around the country. Bamyan is a province with thousands of people who are jobless and intensively need jobs. Finding a job needs a good communication skill. Therefore, the goal of ESC team is to provide some necessary information to youth and introduce them a center for all job seekers to find job. Job-seekers can also benefit from the ESC in employee hiring issue easily.

ESC Activities

  • Jobseekers’ Registration and Employment:

ESC has provided a strong communication with several employers i.e Industrial Union, Afghanistan Craftsmen Union, Chambers of Commerce, Bamyan University, DoLSA, international agencies and INGOs, local NGOs and private companies. This strong communication assists ESC to provide job opportunities for Help TVET graduates program and other job seekers.

  • CV Writing Program: OBTA has conducted one CV writing program each month for interested job seekers from 1st of September to 31st of December 2016. Mainly the participants were university graduated students, TVET graduates and interested job seekers. The subjects were up to date and were focused more on Human Resource Management (HRM) with inviting some guest speakers from Administrative Reform and Civil Service Department/INGOs); standard CV writing, interview skills, and  how to fill the Gov. forms, Govt. law trainings for labors and introduction of job websites and were also among those activities took place during ESC. At the end of the program all participants received a certificate. In addition, ESC team helped many people who had problems in CV writing and prepared CVs for them and try to send the CVs of applicants to some vacancies.  OBTA has nailed the goal of 183 participants (86 females, 97 males).
  • Asylum and Job Information Campaign: ESC and Asylum Information Campaign team have identified and selected some innovative participants with entrepreneurial ideas. They have distributed supporting kits to 17 working groups during 4 months of the campaign which 9 of them were female working groups and 8 were male working groups. Fortunately all working groups started their own activities and business.

For more effectiveness of these working groups, ESC have made a visiting and evaluation plan to visit all working groups and also all working groups have to submit  a monthly progressive report to OBTA/ ESC.

  • Conducting Small Business and Business Consulting Sessions: ESC conducted 16 sessions of small business training for the beneficiaries of TVET program of Help vocational training classes. The training focuses on how to start a business, market product, treat customers and how to establish a working group.
  • Conducting research: ESC team have conducted a research in Bamyan Bazaar and university to consider marketing situation and stand out the most operational vocations. We have found 16 vocations which is marketable in Bamyan Bazaar. Out of 16 vocations 4 vocations got the higher percentage in term of market. Tailor & sewing curtain for women computer repairing & plumbing for men. According this research which OBTA/ESC have done helped Help INGO/ TVET to start two vocations plu-
  • mbing and sewing curtain in 2016
  • .